Interior Decoration Using Rick Rack

The best trend to follow in interior designing is to follow no trend. This is the reason that trend setters remain quite happy in the interior designing industry. In this industry, either they tend to create something new for the others to follow, or they pull something from decades back and apply in the new style. In other words, interior designing industry is the right domain for innovative people with creative thoughts.

With that said, we are going discuss about application of rick rack in the interior designing. Rick rack was gone after its rise in 70’s, but now it is coming back, thanks to the trend setters in the interior designing industry.

Use it on the clothing

Personal development comes first. Since rick rack is primarily made to give clothes the better look, it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all to use it on the clothes. As a matter of fact, it had been used only on the clothes in the 70’s. So, maybe it’s time for the revival of one of the most amazing clothing design patterns.

The living room decoration

The versatile graphic punch of rick rack allows it to be used on a number of items and fixtures, especially in the living room. Here, I wouldn’t recommend for the use of rick rack on the walls. Items like table lamp or a round basket can be decorated using this incredible design item. The several layers of rick rack with varying widths make the lamp quite a show, especially when it is lit up.

Office decoration

A workplace is never decorated in the fancy style in order to make it look professional, but you can go a little innovative if you have an office room at home. A long and wide piece of rick rack can be used to decorate the side of the table. A design pattern, consisting of pieces of rick rack of same length, can be attached with a square piece of fabric to make it an artwork. This simple yet amazing decorative arrangement would make your working place quite interesting.

The dining chairs

I have always hated to use slipcovers on the dining chairs, but I also remember the time when I couldn’t wait to use to slipcovers on the same dining chairs. Reason? Those slipcovers were decorated using rick rack of sunny yellow color around the bottom of the cover and on the back. This design really made the environment of or little dining place cheerful.


I have always wondered about the type of decoration that I could apply in the kitchen. With rick rack, I found the solution and everybody in the home loved it. look at the curtains ad handkerchiefs in the image.


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